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. >> reporter: ordering a pentagon investigation of one of the nation's highest profile u.s. military officials. general john allen, the man who succeeded david petreaus as head of the international forces in afghanistan is linked to the investigation involving his predecessor. secretary of defense leon panetta says the fbi has turned the case over to department of defense investigators. the senior u.s. defense official says the inquiry centers around potentially inappropriate e-mails with jill kelley, the florida woman who sparked an investigation that led to petreaus' resignation as head of the cia. >> if you know my sister like i said, she is a dedicated mother and wife. >> reporter: kelley went to the fbi when she received threatening e-mails from an anonymous source. those were allegedly linked to paula broadwell. broadwell was having an affair with petreaus and reportedly believed kelley was a romantic rival for his attention. monday night investigators searched broadwell's home. agents didn't say what they were looking for but carried out boxes and a computer. general allen is in washing
should leap to any conclusions. >> general allen's nomination could be the next leader of u.s. forces european command and nato's supreme allied commander is in doubt. >> his nomination is on hold as a prudent measure until we determine the facts. >> reporter: the white house still trusts general allen. general joseph dunford will replace general allen in afghanistan as soon as he is confirmed. the president holds a news conference this afternoon at 1:0 eastern time. he is expected to face some hard questions. and this is his first news conference of his second term. first one he held in 8 months. doesn't want to face this one. those are the tough questions about what when he got wind of this scandal and what's next fortunate security team. >> is there a replacement? >> we don't have confirmation. this is a tough time had the white house had with uncertainly events on afghanistan and now the leader of that command is distracted and now there's no acting cia director so the president will be facing a lot of questions. >> sounds like it. live in washington, thank you, susan. >> all th
to get israel back to the negotiation table. meanwhile the u.s. insists on direct negotiations with israel. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says u.n. recognition of an independent palestine state would not advance the palestinians' quest for a homeland. >> by going to the u.n., the palestinians can get a piece of paper. they can get a resolution. but nothing will change here on the ground. >> at this point, there's no specific time set for today's u.n. vote. >>> 5:18. they have a rich athletic history dating back more than 100 years but this might be their best team ever. >> could be. south bay high school that you may never have heard of but everyone is listening to. give it up for this week's "cool school." ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: 19 proud players fremont eagles, not a one over 200 pounds but these men are national champions. and every one of them is deaf. >> i tell people that deaf people can read, right, do anything, can communicate. the only thing they can't do is not hear. >> reporter: the california school of the deaf is coming off its best season ever. ten
but they did file a motion with the u.s. bankruptcy court to liquidate its assets so the store right here could be one of the last. we could see stores close as early as tuesday is what i'm told. the iconic bakery says they came to the decision after one of its largest unions started a nationwide strike that crippled operations. hostess closed three plants earlier this week and threatened employees they would shut down if they didn't go back to work. workers ignored the threat and now 18,000 workers will be out of a job. >> cupcakes and twinkies and the bread, they made good quality stuff, good quality products. we hate to see it come to an end but enough's enough. >> reporter: the union rejected the contract offer from hostess in september. workers say the company stopped paying their pension and they wanted paycuts of almost 25% so they said it was just too much but again, a company said they couldn't keep up with the strikes and workers not going back to work. he noted all baking at all facilities has ceased so there's no more production of any of these products as well as company representa
in europe is having a lot of trouble getting on store shelves here in the u.s. >> that's apparently because of what the breast milk baby does. children playing with the doll, they put on a halter that contains sensors so when the doll gets near those sensors, it starts making suckling noises like it's breast- feeding. critics say the dog is too sexualized for america. >> controversy stems from when there was a cultural shift in the 1950s to bottle-feeding as the paradigm. and at that time, breasts were also simultaneously sexualized. suddenly breasts became sexual instead of knew traive. >> the company from spain tried unsuccessfully last year to get the doll into mainstream storms so it's trying again. what do you think about the breast mil baby doll? comment on facebook or twitter, or email us at i predict we get a lot of comments on this one. >> it is a bit of a controversy. big in europe? we'll see what happens here. >>> 5:20. another award for the as. >> why nestle is voluntarily recalling some of its nesquik chocolate powder. >> and what's cool about your school? you
california. the fbi says they conspired to kill americans overseas and in the u.s. and plan to join al qaeda and the taliban. one suspect is a 34-year-old man who served in the us air force in 2000 and 2001. authorities say he tried to arrange for two california men to meet his contacts with terror organizations. >> a man whose watch set off a bomb scare at the oakland airport won't face charges. the toggle switch, fuses and wires apparently raised some alarms. deputies arrested this man, 49- year-old jeffrey mcgann, and then evacuated the terminal. >> i'm an artist. it's an art project. i travel with numbers of them to give to friends, family, corporations, et cetera. >> the alameda county district attorney's office did not comment on why they dropped the charges. mcgann tells us this is the first time he has run into any trouble for wearing his art in an airport. >> you have to think that's going to raise eyebrows. >>> there's a water break. we launched chopper 5. various lanes blocked are blocked. it's a huge sinkhole in the ground at west 10th and cutter. this is a residential area so cr
to investigate the attack on that u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. as susan mcginnis reports, former cia director david petraeus is now on the list of witnesses. >>> reporter: after calls by congressional leadership, former cia director david petraeus will testify before congress tomorrow about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> good luck, sir. >> thank you. >> reporter: petraeus was scheduled to testify today before a house intelligence committee but those plans changed after he resigned following his admission of an affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. benghazi is at the center of another capitol hill battle. senate republicans say they will not accept the nomination of u.n. ambassador susan rice as a replacement for secretary of state hillary clinton. >> we will do whatever is necessary to block the nomination. >> reporter: senators john mccain and lindsey graham say rice was either lying or incompetent when she made this statement five days after the attack. >> we do not have information at present that leads us to conclude that this was premeditated or preplann
that looming -- negotiations, the looming deadline. economists say if the u.s. goes off the the so called fiscal cliff, it will increase the likelihood of another recession. lawmakers say they're willing to compromise. >> when you're $16 trillion in debt, the only pledge we should be making to each other is avoid becoming brief and republicans should put revenue on the table. >> the big questions are whether republicans are open top some forms of tax increases and whether democrats will consider cuts to entitlement programs. >>> e elected officials including the governor and all the legislatures are getting their pay cut by 5%. for example, pay for the attorney general palilia harris is being cut to $143,000. that's a hundred thousand less than her replacement. but people don't run for office for the money. >> they're doing it because of a variety of factors, including the pursuit of power, the ambition to go to higher places and also of course hopefully public service that they want to give back to their community. >> the california citizens compensation commission ordered the pay cuts a
. >>> this morning, u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton says a bus bombing today in tel aviv, israel, is a terrorist attack. at least 10 people are injured. here are the latest numbers in the current conflict between israel and the palestinian militant group hamas. five people in israel have been killed by rocket fire launched from the gaza strip. in gaza, the death toll is more than 130 since israel started bombing last week. here's susan mcginnis with more. >>> reporter: a bomb destroyed a bus in tel aviv, israel, wednesday. the blast blew out the windows and wounded at least 10 people. investigators don't yet know if the bombing is connected to the battle being waged in the gaza strip. hamas and israel continue their aerial assault on each other. hamas has launched more than 200 rockets in the past 24 hours and israel bombed dozens of targets overnight. >> we are in a battle to save lives. >> reporter: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu met with secretary of state hillary clinton tuesday night. he says israel is hoping for a peaceful end to the fighting. >> if there's a pos
paid a historic visit visit to myanmar (mee-an-mar) ... also knowns burma. he's the first u-s president to visit the country... which has been mg a transition to democracy, r years of human rights abuse. he met with the longtime democracy advocate, "aung sn suu kyi (chee) ... then spoe at a university, an event broadcast throughout the country. "my discussions here...momem for democratization." white house aides say today. the president will discuss n white house aides say today. the president will discuss n rights concerns with longtie cambodian prime minister hun sen. let's get a look at weatherd traffic. here's lawrence. a 24- hour strike is expecto begin at the oakland airpord the port of oakland. at the oakland airport and e port of oakland. at the oakland airport and e port of oakland. the service employees international union plans to strike at the airport startg at nine o'clock tonight. pis will be up at the port tomo. workers say they have not ha new contract for sixteen mo. new this morning.... it's te for a south bay charity to t handing out food for thanksgiving meals. earli
. >>> it took less than 25 minutes for help to arrive during the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. a government timeline says cia officials reacted quickly after the first call for help back in september. the timeline may be a rebuttal to a news report claiming the cia told its personnel to stand down rather than go into the consulate. >>> it's 5:20 now. some car owners are getting a refund because their vehicles didn't exactly get the gas mileage the makers promised. an epa audit revealed that hundred die and kia overstated the -- hyundai and kia overstated the mileage on the last three years. they were inflated by one or two miles per gallon but one was off by 6 miles per gallon. that's a lot. both companies blame procedu errors. they will give customers refunds. >>> a brazen bra heist by an organized group of halloween shoplifters. employees at victoria's secret say it was likely a group of women who came into the palo alto store on a busy halloween day and stole $11,000 worth of bras. that's more than 200 brass in a matter of seconds. shoppers say they are not surprised. >> on
. so that turned out okay. >>> 5:12 now. tragedy hitting a u.s. zoo. how a small boy was mauled to death by some wild dogs. >> plus, on the hook. why muni is being stuck with the bill for this act of vandalism. >> and a basketball blooper. the halftime show that didn't quite go as planned. we'll be right back. that never happened. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, that never happened. duringa timeout in the suns-magic game... a soldier misses a k off of the trampoline, rippg the net down and causing a g ame. his >>> a dunk that didn't go as planned. during a time-out in the suns magic game a soldier misses a dunk off a trampoline ripping a net down and causing a long delay in the game. his comet rads couldn't help but laugh at him of the soldier won't injured during the attempt but was a little embarrassed. >> poor guy. >> i'm surprised they let a fan out of the stands and do something like that. >> he didn't mean to do that delay the entire game. >> of course. wanted to make the hoop and get applause. didn't work that way. >>> liz, you're the hardest working gal in traffic. >> i am? >> toda
on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> all right. a run for the border gone wrong. the u.s. border patrol says this attempt to illegally cross into the u.s. from mexico was just an epic failure in yuma arizona. check it out. the agency says two men inside the car ran back to mexico after the jeep got stuck at the top of the 14-foot fence. they had nowhere to go. >> no. and now their jeep is famous. >>> 5:54 now. a dog is recovering from a gunshot wound after getting in the way of an armed robbery in oakland. the man and his girlfriend were walking their dog named coffee when two armed men demanded his wallet and cell phone tuesday night. as the thieves took off coffee followed them and one of them retaliated. >> he took out his gun and he aimed at my dog's head and took a shot at my dog. he went right down. he started whining. kind of screaming. >> doctors say coffee was very lucky the bullet went in just below his eye and trailed all the way down to his jaw line. his injuries should heal in the next eight weeks but coffee may be permanently blind this is left eye. >> poor dog. >>>
of the people mentioned as possible candidates. >>> 5:07. the terror attack on the u.s. consulate in libya will be the focus as susan rice holds meetings with key lawmakers. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations has been criticized by some republicans for comments she made shortly after those attacks. at the time, she said at tax stemmed from a protest against an anti-islam video. rice is considered a possible nominee to replace the outgoing hillary clinton as the secretary of state. >>> meanwhile, lawmakers on capitol hill are jockeying for position right now in efforts to fix the federal budget and avoid the dreaded "fiscal cliff." if they don't reach a deal by the end of the year, tax hikes and across the board budget cuts will automatically kick in. susan mcginnis has more on today's efforts to get democrats and republicans a little closer together. >>> reporter: president obama will begin a media blitz this week highlighting his efforts to steer clear of the "fiscal cliff." he will first meet with small business owners at the white house today.
: good morning. well, lack of progress on "fiscal cliff" talks in the u.s. sent asian markets lower this morning. tokyo's nikkei loss more than 1% hitting a one week low while hong kong's hang seng fell about .5%. >>> the deficit reduction talks weighed on wall street. the dow was down 89 yesterday while the nasdaq gave up 9. >>> retailers have a strong start to the holiday shopping season. according to shopper track, foot traffic was up more than 8% for the four-day weekend starting on thanksgiving. sales rose nearly 3% to $22 billion compared to last year. >>> and the surge in cyber monday shopping means big business for shippers. fedex says it expects to deliver 280 million packages during the holiday season. to handle the extra work, fedex has hired about 20,000 seasonal employees. guys, i got my first package yesterday on the front step and i had to run upstairs and hide it before anyone could see what it was. >> oh, nice. >> it begins. >> it does. >> are you a big adele fan? >> yes. i am a big adele fan and apparently she's doing pretty good right now. according to nielsen so
their votes in delaware. >>> there's also a big battle over control of the u.s. senate. democrats currently hold a 51- 47 edge over the republicans with the two independents caucusing with the democrats. now, the race to watch include the bay state of massachusetts where polls show republican incumbent scott brown is in a very tight race with democrat liz when warren and in missouri democratic incumbent claire mccaskill facing a tough challenge from republican richard mourdock despite his comments last week about rape. 33 senate seats up for grabs with races in several states that could go either way. >>> several states have ballot propositions dealing with controversial social issues. four states have measures with immigration, marijuana-related measures to be decided in six states, and three states have propositions dealing with same- sex marriage. >>> less than two hours before polls open in california but many people have already voted. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the alameda county registrar of voters. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, we were here yesterday and we s
won in one of the tightest elections in u.s. history and his promise for the next four years. >> it was down to the wire one of the closest battles in california. prop 30. it has passed overnight. we have reaction and what it means for local schools coming up next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald >>> i return to the white house more determined and more inspired than ever about the work there is to do and the future of the lives ahead. >> a second term for president obama after a long bitter campaign. he promises america, the best is yet to come. >>> a change in the winds bringing a big change in our weather. low clouds and fog, much cooler temperatures coming our wa
$3,700 per taxpayer and could send the u.s. economy back into a recession. so that's why the ratings agency fitch said that unless congress and the president come to an agreement quickly, they risk losing our beautiful aaa rating next year. it's like the debt ceiling. investors are very mistrustful of congress after going through that. i know none of this is new information. oh, it's europe. oh, it's fighting congress. it sort of collided on a day and made a perfect storm. emotions were very raw. if you want to know how all of this is affecting your tax bill, we have an analysis of obama's victory and the "fiscal cliff" on of the we break it out by how much money you earn. >> all right. we'll have to check that out. jill schlesinger, editor at large for thank you. >>> don't look now but guess who is doing a little rain dance. >> yes! >> it's not pretty. [ laughter ] >> looks like we have some unsettled weather moving into the bay area right now. fairly quiet on our hi-def doppler. but we are expecting that to change throughout the day today. a cold f
but nate is our play of the day. >>> u.s. troops in afghanistan celebrated thanksgiving day in a very american way. soldiers stationed in kabul took in a game of football themselves. check out the jerseys they're sporting there. they were donated by the new york jets. they are playing the pats today. after the game the troops enjoyed a traditional thanksgiving dinner. nice. >>> it's 5726 right now. progress in the middle east but will a cease-fire hold? the latest on the fragile efforts for peace. >> and getting an early start on black friday in a big way. the thanksgiving shopping rush is already under way just who is lining up at 5 a.m.? >> and we're live in san francisco with an event powered by community and donation glide memorial church's big thanksgiving feast. we'll show you the preparations and how you can help. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, folks at glide memorial pree >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. >>> they spent hours chopping, dicing and slicing. we're live as the folks at glide memorial prepare to feed the needy. >> and instead of sleeping, these folks ar
retailers, the cash- strapped u.s. postal service will be testing out same-day delivery this holiday season and it's going to happen right here in the bay area. the usps will partner with retailers and begin offering the service in san francisco next month. if things run smoothly, it will expand the program to other cities like new york, chicago and next year boston. >>> there's no substitute for sitting around a table with the family and friends this holiday season. but if you can't, cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts shows us a high-tech way to connect up to a dozen people at a time. >>> reporter: it sounds like a slot machine. but it's actually a video chat service. [ dingdong ] >> reporter: that's the sound of someone joining a call on oovoo. the company boasts it can connect up to a dozen people at once. two more than skype and google hangout which both set their limit at 10. >> it's a fun form of communication. so unlike facebook which lets you stay in touch with what your friends did, now you can take your friends along to do those things. >> reporter: but first, you will have
following the 139 to 9 vote. the u.s. was among the small minority. secretary of state hillary clinton called the vote unfortunate and counterproductive for palestine's ultimate goal of statehood. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu called the vote meaningless saying it won't change anything on the ground. >>> president obama hopes to generate support for his plan to avoid the "fiscal cliff" at a pennsylvania toy factory today. on capitol hill, treasury secretary timothy geithner pitched the president's plan to house and senate leaders yesterday. it includes $1.6 trillion in new tax revenue and $400 billion in cuts to entitlement programs. but it doesn't look like geithner's visit did much to bring republicans and democrats any closer to agreement. >> the democrats have yet to get serious about real spending cuts. >> we are waiting for something specific from republicans to show they are serious on negotiations. >> if a compromise is not reached by year's end, automatic tax hikes and across- the-board budget cuts would take effect. >>> former president george h.w. bush is exp
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21